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The Post
Sold out shows all night downtown. We squeezed into the front row with a crowd of grey hairs that reminded us of the symphony set. 

Meryl & Hank do their thing and hit the right notes, yet not staggering for them, just par for the course. It was simplified in that Spielberg way, sans waving flashlight beams. The message was a tad too soft and too complex for millenials unfamiliar with history - I’m desparate for harder hitting politics vs press messages right now. I doubt this will galvanize any movements or even sway opinions - preaching to the crowd who at our showing, broke into applause several times. 

As a publisher, it made me proud and ashamed. Proud because it is a noble profession for some. Ashamed because it was so hard to publish prior to PCs - we have it so easy now. Although we don’t smoke or drink like they did back then either. I’ve always wanted to shout ‘stop the presses!’ or ‘run it!’ but never had the chance, given my publications.

Coulda used a swordfight.
Shadow boxing the apocalypse
An old friend just offered me a ticket to meet Daniel Ellsberg who’s giving a talk in the area on feb 1, but I passed on it. Too busy and I don’t really care that much. Actually I just don’t care to owe that particular friend a favor. But still, weird coincidence.
Shadow boxing the apocalypse

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