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Spellbound (1945)
Yesterday I was at the Legion of Honor and they have this display now that honors Vertigo. I luv that film, and thought I’d revisit it, but couldn’t find a good version for free and stumbled over the Criterion version of this in YouTube, so this was my Vertigo methadone.

It’s cringeworthy how Ingrid, the sole female in the film, is treated by her male coworkers, especially because they are all psychoanalyst doctors, all older men constantly touching her, making passes st her, even kissing her, and even more so knowing Hitchcock’s legendary womanizing.  But Ingrid is as luminous as ever, even in b&w, delivering her stiltedly-written lines with her accented panache and ultimately prevailing. Gregory goes from his usual dashing suave self to phobic glares well enough, carrying his patient/romance role serviceably but not remarkably. Of course, the centerpiece of the film is the dream sequence designed by Dali, which is short yet disturbing, not Bunuel-magnitude surrealism, but a historic cooperative vision with him and Hitchcock. The mcguffin is classic Hitchcock, not his finest but it came out when WWII ended, so I’m sure that had some impact. 

We realized Tara hasn’t seen Vertigo. She doesn’t do horror because she had a really bad experience with one at a Halloween party when she was little. Some thoughtless parents showed a horror film that frightened the whole class - they divorced and are hopefully in rehab now - I’m glad to be away from those parents social groups becasud its such luck of the draw. We’ve only kept a few friends from those circles; the rest I’m happy to only see on Facebook now. Anyway, she has avoided Hitchcock - she wouldn’t like Psycho (that still disturbs me) and The Birds still disturbs Stacy (Mel Brooks version actually worries me more) but she’d be okay with his thrillers like Vertigo. Maybe I’ll find the dvd for when she comes home again. She went back to college today.
Shadow boxing the apocalypse

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