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Plague of Giants by Kevin Hearne
I kind of gave up on Hearne and his Iron Druid when the Iron Druid became unstoppable. It was much better when the Druid did have things to fear and basically ran a magic shop.

But Hearne is a good writer and I wondered what he would do with different material.

And Plague of Giants was pretty good. Basically, a variety of  kingdoms is under assault from, yes, Giants. The story is told in flashback by a variety of narrative under the auspices of one Bard assuming the different narrators forms and telling their different parts of the much larger narrative. Since, this is going to be a series the novel doesn't complete the story but does come to a good stopping point.

Originally, I didn't really like the bard telling the stories as the different characters but it eventually made sense. Since there is a also another narrator who is telling about what is going on right now and the environment in which the bard is telling the story. There are other things going including the Bard's tale insulting another country and that country has sent out assassins to deal with him.

I also was particularly pleased with the use of magic or kenning, in the parlance of the book. People can get their own kenning by going through a rite which may or not kill them. Use of their kenning has the cost of taking years off their life. Use a big spell and you could die. And each kenning has a specific use. There is an air kenning, a water kenning, and a tree kenning. I guess what I am saying is Hearne did a really good job in world building.
As a matter of fact, my anger does keep me warm

And now, we just have to wait a few years for the next chapter.... grrr.
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