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RIP Mr. McCrea
Under the light of the Wolf Moon, the Queen and I laid to rest our 19 year old cat, Mr. McCrea. We ventured into the park with a shovel and a crow bar and in a secluded spot returned our boy to the earth.

We received Mr. McCrea from Lyndell Wolf who had a feral cat give birth in one of the planters at his house. Mr. McCrea is the last but one survivor from that litter. Lyndell ended up keeping most of the cats in his house.

McCrea spent the majority of his life in the Queen's office, except for two times he managed to escape.  Both times he was found days later cowering under the house. Both times we thought he ended up as coyote snacks, until we heard the cat crying from under the house.

Right up until the end, he would annoy his roommate Pixel, constantly bothering her to see if she wanted to get busy. He spent a lot of time helping the Queen with her keyboard as well.

He was basically the Queen's cat. He would run whenever I came into the room to feed him or clean the litter box. Recently though, he was deigned to be picked up and petted. But for a strictly limited time. 

The Queen and I will miss his howls at the door at all times for food. Although, he had wasted away to just a few pounds, he was still inhaling two cans of cat food a day. We will not miss his lack of bladder control that made the Queen's office smell like an ammonia factory.

RIP Mr. McCrea  Jan 3, 2018
As a matter of fact, my anger does keep me warm

Pets shouldn't be allowed to die.
Sorry to hear about this loss.
I'm nobody's pony.
Condolences again.

19 years is a good run.
Shadow boxing the apocalypse
I'm good. He lived a long life. He got to die at home. And I didn't have to make decision about putting him down. That was very considerate of him. I hate that call.
As a matter of fact, my anger does keep me warm

tru dat.  worse call ever.  

we've had vets come to our home for that.  better than having to take them in.  but still, that's so hard.
Shadow boxing the apocalypse

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