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U2: Songs of Experience
I got the CD for Christmas and I am currently listening to it the way god intended: through my computer speakers.

I was originally leery of getting the new album because none of the new tracks have grabbed me. But, there have been quite a few tracks I've listened to over and over. It has kind of a beach boys feels to it.

So far, it's been Summer of Love and Red Flag day.
As a matter of fact, my anger does keep me warm

I got this too! It was on my list.  I thought it might remind me of my recent Dublin trip and it does just that.  A few tracks brought me right back to sitting in Temple Bar at a cafe, delighting in some rich and hot seafood chowder and watching the rain fall.  That was a lovely Dublin day.  

I've listened to it a few times while driving but haven't really given it my full attention because I've had passengers (my mom) and the volume was low.  This morning I cranked it for the commute and got about halfway through.  It's enjoyable but like you say, none of the tracks really stand out yet.  The lyricism is good, a bit preachy but preaching to the choir as far as I'm concerned.  I feel the Edge is missing.  I can hear everyone else in the band - Bono seems in particularly good voice and Clayton reminds me a bit of Waters on a few tracks.  And Mullins is keeping time well, like always.  But I'm not hearing those soaring riffs from the Edge.  I'm still listening to it though, if for no other reason but to savor memories of Dublin last month.
Shadow boxing the apocalypse
Well, I've given it a good listen now and it's okay.  A lot of songs about love - agape more than romantic love - and I can't fault that because we can sure use more agape nowadays.  I still think the Edge is missing.  It's okay driving music.  Mostly, it reminds me of a wonderful wet and cold weekend in Dublin, roaming the streets on my own, looking for the next whiskey bar and piping hot bowl of seafood chowder and some choice xmas gifts for the ladies in my life (for once, I nailed Stacy's gift with an awesome Aran sweater and it fit perfectly).  For that weekend, I think I will always love this album.

Shadow boxing the apocalypse
A video about love driven by a song that is about breaking up.
As a matter of fact, my anger does keep me warm

I've been thinking of the West Coast.
Not the one that everyone knows.
As a matter of fact, my anger does keep me warm

(12-28-2017, 12:16 PM)Greg Wrote: A video about love driven by a song that is about breaking up.

I dunno. I can see that interpretation but it could also be about leaving a loved one behind, not quite the same as breaking up, just separating.  That's what the vid is about.  

The lyrics that puzzle and fascinate me most in this song:
Quote:I can see you love her loudly

When she needs you quietly
This would work as a breaking up song for me if it was sung by a female.

This album has really grown on me, but mostly because of my last Dublin trip.  I don't think I'll see their upcoming show MAY 7-8 at SAP though.  I don't have the cash (cheapest seats are $70+) and RM doesn't work the SAP.   Undecided
Shadow boxing the apocalypse

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