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Star Trek Discovery
ST:E S4 two-parter Into the Mirror Darkly was one of the best ENT eps of all. They don’t even bother with the Federation universe and even the intro is mirror universe. It’s brutal and sexy (can T’Pol show any more midriff?) like the original Ep. And it reveals the Defiant post-Tholian web, which plays a key role in ST: DISCO (yea, that’s what their calling it). Might have to go back for the original now.

Your agonizer, please.
Shadow boxing the apocalypse
So wait...will the Emperor be Hoshi?  

Haven't seen Sunday's ep yet.  Maybe tonight.
Shadow boxing the apocalypse
Woah. Well I’d say I was close but maybe that’s racist now.  But still, was that a sword? Srsly? Sweet!

I’m so addicted to this show. The rest of you will probably go ‘meh’ but what can I say but ‘peace & long life’
Shadow boxing the apocalypse
I found my combat cloth jacket with the mirror universe insignia, but some sort of dimensional shift shortened the sleeves and tightened it all around so it’s really unwearable by me, ‘cept for a well-framed instagram...maybe. Undecided
Shadow boxing the apocalypse

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