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Just when I'm getting used to DM buzz-cutting us with his over-the-head befuddlery, it turns out it was an iphone-enabled typo.

Why am I disappointed?

DM, it's time to just let your iphone post stuff.  Place it under your buddy's end and have at it!
I'm nobody's pony.
dammuf! Another accident.

Slowed at glenwood. Now stuck gains just before summit.

Intentionally keying fast in hopes auto drift will make some cool chsnges

Over 45 mins in and still not cross summit. Angry

Could b worse. Could b raining 

Angry Angry
Shadow boxing the apocalypse
If it makes you feel better, my schedule puts me in afternoon rush hour traffic for the rest of the week.
As a matter of fact, my anger does keep me warm

Srsly? 2.25 hour commute (usually only an hour) and Stevenson is closed to construction?  Angry Angry Angry
Shadow boxing the apocalypse
Here I am again. Looks like it’ll b like this til summit

Happy Friday!
Shadow boxing the apocalypse

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