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Japanese food
There's a section on a podcast I listen to that has a section called 'What the fuck ,Japan'? This fits.
As a matter of fact, my anger does keep me warm

If I only knew earlier, leftover bath water would've totally been my DOOM gift this year.
Shadow boxing the apocalypse
Quote:Perk up with a “Princess Urine Sour” alcoholic enzyme drink from Japan
[Image: japan-urine-princess-energy-drink-sour_0...=580&h=465]
Fill yourself with “Sparkling Energy” from a couple of pretty anime girls.

With so many similar products on the market in Japan, companies are always looking for creative ways to stand out from their competitors. One way to make sure you get noticed is to incorporate cute anime images into your packaging, and if you really want to get customers to open their wallets, you could throw in a surprise twist that makes everyone’s eyes bulge out from their sockets.
That’s the marketing plan behind the new Ojosama Seisui Sour alcoholic enzyme drink from Rivaland, a Japanese manufacturer that specialises in food and drink products designed to enhance health and beauty. The name of their latest beverage immediately commands attention, as it literally translates to “Princess Urine Sour“.
The sour in the title here refers to a common cocktail in Japan that’s made with a shochu (distilled alcohol) and soda water base, and usually mixed with juice or soft drink.
[Image: princess-urine.jpg?w=580&h=434]
Rivaland first made news back in 2015 when they introduced their first “Princess Urine” enzyme drink to the market. Behind the bizarre concept of drinking urine from a princess was a beverage marketed as an energy drink, containing 117 different all-natural, beauty-enhancing ingredients made from fermented plants.
The drink proved to be a hit, prompting the company to expand the “Princess Urine” range in December last year with a new alcoholic version that packs in 8-percent alcohol content in each 275-millilitre (9.3-ouce) bottle. There’s also a whopping 107 different natural ingredients used, and two anime-girl designs to choose from, to help “awaken the goddess within you.”
[Image: princess-urine-2.jpg?w=580&h=471]
▼ Since its release, a number of popular social media users have been helping to promote the product online.

[Image: rz_u1eq4ACByx_9a.jpg]


[Image: _1sFjlPp_normal.jpg]紺野ぶるま@burumakonno0930

#お嬢様聖水サワー をメーカーさんから頂きました[Image: 2728.png]笑 アダルティなネーミングなだけあって酵素入りで美容にもいい大人が嬉しい美味しいお酒です!ということで芽吹きました!#PR #お嬢様聖水
4:35 AM - Dec 27, 2017

The long list of ingredients contained in a bottle of Princess Urine Sour include fermented extracts from plants like lotus root, lily bulbs, gourds, edible chrysanthemum, and bamboo shoots. There’s also a whole lot of fruit used, like loquats, grapes, prunes, persimmons and pears, along with things like brown rice, barley, oat, millet, and beans thrown into the mix. To top it all off, you’ll find wasabi and seaweed in there as well.
A half-dozen box of bottles from their website will set you back 1,980 yen (US17.50), while two-dozen bottles retail for 7,920 yen. The carbonated drink is said to be a tasty blend of enzymes and alcohol, which promises to taste nothing like the leftover bathwater drink we tried last year.
[i]Source, images: Ojosama Seisui Japan[/i]
Shadow boxing the apocalypse
I'm giving the urine drink a hard pass.
As a matter of fact, my anger does keep me warm

Too much perk for me.
Need to keep my face planted firmly on the floor these days.
So I'm sticking with my current fave -- Kidney Stone KO Sundown.
I'm nobody's pony.
Quote:Girls’ feet-flavor fried chicken now on sale in Tokyo, promises smell, stickiness of real thing
[Image: fk-1.png?w=580&h=302]
Idol singer group’s strange follow-up to sweat-flavor karaage is now here!

At first glance, the menu at Japanese takeout chain Tenka Torimasu looks incredibly simple. They serve karaage (Japanese-style fried chicken), karaage bento boxed lunches with rice, cabbage, and potato salad, and that’s all. But there’s a hidden depth of variety at Tenka Torimasu, because of how many different flavors of fried chicken they offer.
Want teriyaki fried chicken? No problem. Neither are curry, wasabi, sweet chili, ponzu, or plum. And as this month, you can also try girls’ sole flavor.
Just to make that clear, that’s not “girls’ soul” or any other representation of the concept of youthful femininity, but “girls’ sole,” as in “this fried chicken tastes like the bottom of a young woman’s foot.”
[Image: fk-2.png?w=580&h=490]
The key ingredient in the girls’ feet flavor is natto, fermented soy beans, over which the karaage chunks are placed (odds are there are a few other hidden seasonings as well). Tenka Torimasu says that the inclusion of the pungently divisive east Japanese breakfast staple recreates both the smell and stickiness of a girl’s foot, though it’s unclear how these differ from the aroma and moisture of any other demographic (although Tena Torimasu’s pre-conceived image of how sopping wet girls’ feet are is disturbing).
[Image: fk-3.png?w=580&h=386]
Tenka Torimasu didn’t come up with this idea on all its own, however. The Girls’ Sole Karaage is actually a creative collaboration with masked idol singer group Kamen Joshi. This is the second time Tenka Torimasu and Kamen Joshi have joined forces, following up on their creation last summer of Girls’ Sweat Karaage, which turned out to be surprisingly delicious when we mustered up the courage to try it for ourselves.
In Tokyo, Girls’ Sole Karaage is now being offered for 400 yen (US$3.60) at Tenka Torimasu branches in Takadanobaba, Ikebukuro, Akabane, Nakano, and Akitsue (a complete list of participating locations can be found here). No word on whether eating it will allow diners to smash through roof tiles with their breasts, as Kamen Joshi member Erina Kamiya recently attempted to do.
Source: Tenka Torimasu via Jin
Images: Tenka Torimasu
Follow Casey on Twitter, where he’s guessing that it’s only because “toe cheese” isn’t an idiom in Japanese that there’s no cheese sauce on this.
Shadow boxing the apocalypse
Yet, another reason to skip Japan.

Although, I really need to go to Japan. And China. And, you know, everywhere.
As a matter of fact, my anger does keep me warm


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